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‘Dame Un Beso’ Out Now On Discos Peligrosa

Bombón is Houston’s ultimate tropical dance party and crew – there is no denying. Behind the Space City Cumbia collective are producer and DJ Principe Q, master of ceremony La Comadre Mel and La Mera Mera and empress of Houston’s nightlife, DJ Gracie Chavez. This single ‘Dame Un Beso’, combines Bombón’s production prowess with Houston’s best-known third ward resident and …

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The History Of Boombahchero

So full disclosure, Subguey and Boombahchero (also once called Boombahton) are made up words, duh. The names are a culmination of Jaime, aka Pagame, and Orion’s incessant ability to turn everything into a joke, well, at the very least an inside joke that we could laugh at weather you like it or not. Initially Subguey and Boombahchero had nothing to …

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Peligrosa Picks

The crew and I thought it would be nice to share music that we like and have been playing so here’s our first of hopefully many installation of Peligrosa Picks. We’re gonna let this grow organically like everything else and see where it goes. This weeks likes from the crew. El Dusty Manolo Black Chorizo Funk Dj Manny Dj Orion …

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Siempre Fresco Mixes From EL Dusty & Orión

Back from Miami with a ton of inspiration from our participation in Redull’s Siempre Fresco event. We caught some footage while we were jamming with all the leaders of the Latin underground, while we prepare that though, here’s a recap of the events that took place in Miami from Remezcla. It was an amazing opportunity to work with salsa legend …

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New Release: Chancha Via Circuito – Amansara

At Peligrosa HQ we’re excited that Argentine producer Pedro Canale aka Chancha Via Circuito is back with another musical offering. He’s been busy since Rio Arriba (ZZK), his second album, receiving numerous accolades and even getting song placement on the TV series Breaking Bad. On his third release, Amansara, Chancha Via Circuito continues to expand beyond the labels that are …

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Tabacco Y Ron (Peligrosa Edit) – EL Dusty, King Louie & Orión

We finally had a chance to get Dus in the studio while he was in Austin last week for Peligrosa. I have to say everyone killed it at the party. Peep the pics: Post by Peligrosa. So, Tabacco Y Ron by Rodolfo Y Su Tipica is a timeless classic and timeless classics can be tough to remix as some producer …

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New Music Round Up

I’ve been stockpiling new music in my inbox like a bad episode of hoarders lately, not because I don’t love you though. All these releases disserve their own post but with upcoming shows and tour planning I’ve just been too busy for that so, in no particular order I’ll get you up to date on new musics I’ve been bumping. …

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New Release: Meridian Brothers – Lamento Calavera

The Meridian Brothers outta Colombia bring us two new songs in anticipation of their upcoming full length Salvadora Robot via Soundway Records. Founder, Eblis Álvarez, and the crew are making some of the trippiest, spaced out, experimental music and luckily they don’t shy away from their Colombian cumbia roots on this one. On this release the five piece Meridian Brothers  incorporate synths …

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Bio Ritmo: New Album Puerto del Sur

Bio Ritmo, a Richmond, Virginia based  Salsa orchestra, has just released their new album Puerto del Sur, via Spanish record label Vampisoul. Bio Ritmo originally started as an experimental percussion group, but have expanded to a full fledged salsa orchestra in their 23 year history. Puerto del Sur, the band’s 10th album (discography available here), manages to pay homage to Salsa’s rich history and expand in new …

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New Release: El Remolon – Selva

New music from El Remolon via the pioneering digi-cumbia label, ZZK, from Buenos Aires. Selva, marks El Remolon’s 5th release and features great collaborations with Lido Pimienta, Ali Gua Gua from the Kumbia Queers, Miss Bolivia, Iv Anna, Mariela Gerez, and more. With the album, El Remolon seeks a place called Selva, where you connect with your inner self and …

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