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Radio Peligrosa

Radio Peligrosa #8 – Bigote – Hace Calor Mixtape

If you have yet been introduce to Daniel Martín of Granada, Spain then I might say you’ve been hiding under a rock for some time. Daniel Martín, aka Bigote, is part owner of net label Caballito. Comprised of Bigote and partner Grita, Caballito’s effort to push the boundaries of music and art has thus far been very successful, predominantly on …

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El Graveton 3 – From the Caballito crew

I got the blog up and running again for the time being whilst I send drones to the hackers that have been toying with me in Russia. Pretty sure it’s just a script running on a server attacking word press joints and nothing against me personally but anyways I digress. Here to hit you with 43 tracks from Spain’s Caballito …

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Q&A: Interview with Bigote & Grita of Caballito.org

Caballito.org has been releasing mixes, compilations, EPs and LPs that i have been enjoying for quite some time now.  I wanted to merely share a couple of my favorites from said releases, then i found an email address so i decided I’d reach out and ask a few questions that had been on my mind. There’s already proper information about …

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