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The History Of Boombahchero

So full disclosure, Subguey and Boombahchero (also once called Boombahton) are made up words, duh. The names are a culmination of Jaime, aka Pagame, and Orion’s incessant ability to turn everything into a joke, well, at the very least an inside joke that we could laugh at weather you like it or not.

Initially Subguey and Boombahchero had nothing to do with each other. Pagame was in New York playing it’s finest party Que Bajo?! I was heading out to NY around the same time for something else. Originally we were gonna miss each other but fate had other plans, Pagame “missed his flight” and ended up staying until I left a couple days later. We utilized the sub way system, mostly delirious, annoyingly singing along to the bing bongs of the conductor and cracking jokes as we do ‘sometimes’. Since everything in Tejas is guey this and guey that it was only natural that we would laugh about subway/sub-guey, given the opportunity, which were plenty. I grabbed my phone and recorded “stand clear of the closing doors”, you’ll hear it in the first two Subguey mixes. We later both thought it was funny enough to use as the title of our mixes since there was definitely some comedy involved with the creation of Boombahchero.

Jaime says we were just hanging out shredding on my tech deck skate park but I think we came back to my house after playing a gig, probably because that sounds cooler but regardless the conversation started when we began to discuss Moombahton. It’s an interesting genre because of the different geographies it’s had to traverse to become what it is. A Dominican Dembow riddim that crossed over an ocean to Europe, sped up and used for Dutch House, then crosses back over the ocean ends up in Washington DC, slowed back down to 108. That process took a couple decades and I’m totally under playing it but I’m getting to Boombahchero. Being the jokey gentlemen that we are we were like hey, what if we took Moombahton, changed the time signature, half timed it and then double timed it again. This was too hilarious an idea for us to merely joke about. I grabbed my computer and we tinkered around in ableton until we came up with a process to essentially drop a track in at 108bpms into ableton and spit out a track at 140bpms, here to forth known as the ‘algorithm’. It sounded like Moombahton but had a Guarachero/3Ball swing to it. We loved it. We drop about a hundred Moombahton tracks into this ‘algorithm’. And that’s essentially the not so eloquent manner in which we ‘created’ Boombahchero with out getting into the actual process, at this point there’s a small allure to it. We did the mixes, just wanting to do/have them and low and behold some people actually liked it. We were surprised too. The hommie Banginclude wrote to me back in January of 2012 with an email saying he figured out the ‘algorithm’. I thought that was rad. He initially just had a couple tracks but then it turned out he could also put a mix together so that was volume 4.

The reason i’m even bringing all this stuff back up is because I got another email about Boombahchero. This time from a duo by the name of Dead Stare. Dead Stare is Dj Broken Record the Mexicano living in the states & Gergö who lives in Hungary. They too figured out the ‘algorithm’ and we’re gonna release them soon. But first delve into the history of this obscure, random and rare style of music (maybe wouldn’t call it a genre per-say).



Tracked out here: https://orion.bandcamp.com/




SUBGUEY VOL 5 (BOOMBAHCHERO) – Coming Soon from Dead Stare (Soundcloud)

Disclaimer: I did all the artwork long ago when I would use random pictures of scantly clad women to woo the attention of some misinformed bunch. I’ve always liked big butts and can not lie but i’ve since learned the error of my ways and also, i’m a little better at graphic design, so I think:)

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