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Kool Bob Love

Here at Peligrosa HQ, we love all things music and culture related but we especially have a soft spot for Latinos pushing the limits and forcing themselves into the cultural spotlight…and one of the prime examples is Bobbito Garcia.  Bobbito’s a world renowned Puerto Rican renaissance man and he recently sat down with the Combat Jack show for an extended and candid interview, which I highly recommend.

Bobbito’s resume is too long to list, but he’s highly regarded for his contributions to Sneaker culture, music, Basketball and NYC culture. As host of the Stretch and Bobbito Show on WKCR in the 90’s, he  was the first and predominant  Latino in Hip Hop radio. His show was responsible for breaking a long list of Hip Hop artists from Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Big Pun, and many more as Hip Hop took over the world in the 90’s.

doin it in the park

In addition, he has also authored the first book on NYC sneaker culture, Where’d You Get Those?, and recently released Doin’ It In the Park, a full-length film on NYC pick-up basketball. In the hour long interview Bobbito speaks on all of the above, his love for music and basketball, his beginnings at Def Jam, designing his own Air Force one for Nike, and assuming the role of promoting culture to the world. You can keep up with Bobbito on Twitter and his new radio show on EVR radio which you can listen to here. Salute Bobbito!

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