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Radio Peligrosa #2 with LOTIC

lotic by studio germanini

Enter LOTIC. Houston-bred, Berlin based dj and producer is our featured guest on this months installation of Rrradio Peligrosa! I must admit i’ve been a fan since he used to live in Austin some years ago. Since that one time he opened up for Venus X and $hayne B of Ghe2toGh0thik, Lotic has been steady grinding in Berlin. Playing next to leaders of the underground from Fade To Mind, NightSlugs, Butros, Mixpak, Ghet2oGh0thik and many more. His recent mixes for URB, Fader, Electronicbeats.com and his release on Sci-fi Fantasy have all gained him more well earned attention. I hope you didn’t miss his mix on Boiler Room either.


Lotic’s rare ability to reinterpret while reinventing soundscapes is unmatched. He’s an educated man with the wisdom to move above the safety of genre and the strictures of popularity. Whether he’s replaced ballroom snares with reggaeton rolls, tweaked a 3ball instrumental until you can barely recognize it or bastardized a baile funk break into some future footwork industrial club shit, this man is not afraid of the dark. To boot, this gents performance is just as engaging. Lotic plays cdjs like one would an mpc or asr-x which makes his non-genre genre making, that more impressive. Smashing on cdjs like a dr 202, looping breaks and pitch shifting to infinity, Lotic is a boss which is just my way of saying that he is a very well reserved torch bearer to the ‘fuck what you like’ and ‘listen at this’ movement.

If you’re in Austin maybe you’ll see him sooner that you think.

Enough jibjab from me, DOWNLOAD & LISTEN to a 30 minute journey into the mind of the most humble gentleman ever.

LOTIC : website | twitter | soundcloud | facebook

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