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City Of Austin Proclaims August 8th PELIGROSA DAY!

This is such an honor for us, to have the Mayor of our beautiful City of Austin proclaim August 8th Peligrosa Day!

As I stated in the KLRU documentary on Peligrosa, I am intrinsically dedicated to adding to the conversations of Latin Culture, music and identity, in these United States and around the world. We have been blessed with the opportunity to do so through this hybrid of music that many of our families, friends and fans also enjoy, and we thank you for your support from the bottom of our collective heart. The mere fact that 10 gentlemen, from different backgrounds and upbringings, can come together and share in this project with such success is a testament to the desire of our listeners to share in this culture of amalgamating the amalgamation.

Many obstacles have been overcome in our almost 6 years of being a crew. Venues have changed, audiences have changed, support has changed, even some of our musical stylings have changed but one thing has held steady. Through art we can shape cultural change. Change which at times is small, slow and sluggish. Change that can go deaf and blind at a moments notice. Change, not the Obama kind, that can truly preserve the language of ideas, preserve our dances, our sadness and our happiness, preserve our recipes of love and disdain, of heartbreak and affection.

One thing I learned from my studies of sociology and linguistics is that one can learn tremendous amounts of information about people and culture through their language. Sure there is the esoteric idea that music IS language but rudimentarily speaking, language IN music encapsulates much of what we wish not to forget. Music preserves this lexicon. The etymology of words and phrases over melodies of Gaitas and drums tells us of the culture not taught to us in schools (public and private). Sure the stories of mountain men distressed over a womans love is not a new story, for example, but perhaps we can learn something about ourselves through theses antiquated stylings of music, something that no classroom could ever explain.

But I digress, all I really wanted to say is THANK YOU. Thank you to all my team in Peligrosa, to all our friends and family and fans. Thank you Stephanie for making Peligrosa Day happen and always having our backs. Thank you to those who have been to one (or dozens) of our parties, or downloaded one of our mix tapes, or booked us, or hosted us in your city, or supported us in other ways.

Thank You.

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Join us tomorrow at City Hall at 5:30pm, we wrote a song for you!

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