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Man FM 008 – 3Ball MTY Crew

I’ve been waiting for this mix forever (even though i didn’t actually know it was being made)!!

Today, for the first Man FM of the new decade, Man Recordings are very proud to introduce to you the leaders of a new movement from Mexico –
Erick Rincón (Soundcloud / Twitter)
DJ Otto (Soundcloud?? / Twitter) and
Sheeqo Beat (Soundcloud / Twitter)
are the 3Ball MTY crew and alongside their mentor
Toy Selectah (Soundcloud / Twitter)
it is their goal to make you dance to a beat called Tribal Guarachero. Get to know what all this is about in the interview Daniel Haaksman did with the whole gang in Berlin. Check out the the exclusive 1.5hour mix that Toy Selectah, Erick Rincon, DJ Otto and Sheeqo Beat recorded at Man Recordings HQ in a monster back-to-back-to-back-to-back set.

You better believe the hype!

Man FM 008 – 3Ball MTY Crew by MANRECORDINGS

It’s gonna get crazy this year!

SHASHTILISM Gucci Vump #KosherGuarachera #3ball Remix from Toy Selectah on Vimeo.