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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 21st @ EMPIRE PELIGROSA + VENUS X. New Yorks finest. Pree Play It’s time to get it in with the Dominican/Ecuadorean! Ghe20g0thik (pronounced “Ghetto Gothic”), baws Venus X makes her way to Austin for what is set to be a magnanimous Peligrosa at Empire on November 21st. Her live chopping-and-screwing prowess has illuminated dance floors for years and ... Read More »

Siempre Fresco Mixes From EL Dusty & Orión

Dj Orion

Back from Miami with a ton of inspiration from our participation in Redull’s Siempre Fresco event. We caught some footage while we were jamming with all the leaders of the Latin underground, while we prepare that though, here’s a recap of the events that took place in Miami from Remezcla. It was an amazing opportunity to work with salsa legend ... Read More »